You have definitely heard about the term baking your makeup unless you’ve been living under a rock. It sounds interesting, right? The word baking brings to the mind lots of pleasant pictures and smells. But I hate to burst your bubble. Baking your makeup has nothing to do with cinnamon or sugar. It is a messy procedure that has become so popular that people stopped questioning if it was right.

To Bake or Not to Bake?

Baking is another makeup trend that is raising questions; the same way the contour technique did a couple of years ago. Instagram makeup artists and bloggers swear by it as it helps give a flawless finish and set makeup forever. But in reality, I simply don’t believe that baking is the right choice for everyone. Here are a few things that you need to know:

  • Baking is a time-consuming process. It is the right choice only if you are planning to go on a night out and can afford to spend 10 to 15 minutes doing absolutely nothing.
  • Baking your makeup means using a loose setting powder. The process of swiping the excess powder away can get real messy so you need to use a towel or do it before getting dressed.
  • Using loose powder to set your makeup is supposed to prevent creasing in the areas where you move your face like around your nose or mouth and under your eyes. This means that you need to act really fast before your makeup actually creases. If you wait for some time, you will be actually emphasizing the look of the creases and lines on your face.
  • This technique is not suitable for very dry or mature skin. It tends to mattify the skin and help the face look flat which might not be the best option for everybody. Too many layers of products are not suitable for skin that has a lot of lines and wrinkles.

So you’ve been dying to try this technique, make sure that it is right for you. Don’t stress it because there will be another hype that people will be swearing by real soon.